At Om Sailing we understand the concern that has arisen from the expansion of COVID-19. The alarm situation in many countries and the restriction of travel to prevent the spread of the virus has created uncertainty about our future. For this reason we have decided to modify our reservation and cancellation policy:


– Reduce the reservation amount to 25% instead of the usual 50% for new charter. 15 days before the trip another 25% will be paid, and the remaining 50% at the time of check in.

– In the event that your charter is within an area affected by COVID-19 and declared by WHO, OM Sailing will offer its clients a full refund or the possibility of postponing it to the 2021 season. If you wish, you can also change your destination to another unaffected area depending on our availability. If your country of origin is in one of these areas, we would offer the same guarantees.

Our policy has been, is and always will be to guarantee our clients unique experiences. That is why Om Sailing puts at your disposal all the necessary means and equipment to help you in everything you need when searching for destinations and making your reservation.

In these difficult and delicate moments where preventing the spread of COVID-19 is the top priority, we want to collaborate as much as possible to deal with this virus. Together we will manage to get out of this crisis.

Ask us for more information without obligation, our team will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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